July Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the July meeting! For those who couldn’t make it- here is a quick recap of the meeting.

We had a guest presentation from folks at PPGNHI (Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands). Their presentation was all about trauma.


We started the meeting defining trauma, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. We then discussed what each of these looks like both in birth work and for expecting families.

Next we looked at how trauma shows up in our bodies and the importance of self-care. Here is a great tool to use both for yourself to identify how trauma shows up in your body and with clients.

Body Mapping

Next we talked about RESILIENCY and how working through trauma makes us stronger. WE ARE ALL RESILIENT! We really liked this tool: Resiliency from PPGNHI to help us brainstorm how we are and can be resilient. Basically, Birth Workers and Expecting Families ROCK!

We ended the meeting feeling uplifted and excited to continue birth work in Pierce County. To sum it up, we have a strong group of birth workers that you can reach out to at our meetings if you are experiencing compassion fatigue or secondary trauma. We are here for you and you are not alone! Please reach out to us if you missed the meeting and want more information on how to use these handouts with yourself and with clients. Also, here is another great tool from PPGNHI called a Healing Plan


We are excited to see you at the August meeting!

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